Unleashing Potential

Striving for the sustainable growth of the security industry

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What We Do

We offer high quality and accessible security training and industry-recognised certification services.
We provide a clear pathway for career advancement and for matching jobs with talents.
We encourage the exchange of expertise and best practices.


What makes us different

Focus on Security

We focus on security training, not on training security as just one subject among many.

Competency-based Training

We design our courses to give course participants the knowledge and skills required for security job functions and to meet recognised standards. Course participants are given a clear pathway to upgrade their knowledge and skills. In the same way, employers and HR managers are able to effectively match jobs with talents.

Accessible Training

We offer face-to-face and online courses, as well as a hybrid of the two. This gives security personnel who typically work long hours greater flexibility to pursue further study. Our Training Portal allows course participants access to the course materials at any time. 

Industry-recognised Certification

Successful completion of our courses is recognised by the International Professional Security Association Hong Kong as meeting the qualification criterion for advancement in their membership structure. We will obtain QF-Recognition of courses relevant to the "Hong Kong Qualifications Framework for Security Services" through their quality-assurance process.

Guarantee of Quality

Participating in HKIOS courses ensures the best quality training in security. The processes of course development and training delivery are closely monitored by our Advisors, Management Team, and Lead Trainers, who possess vast knowledge in their area of expertise and in teaching techniques.

Putting Knowledge into Practice

Our Trainers are experienced practitioners who continuously improve their skills, understanding and insights into their respective taught fields. Their practical knowledge is delivered to course participants, ensuring they will be able to put these insights into practice.

Aiming for the future

Hong Kong is experiencing many unprecedented challenges and security personnel often act as the first line of defence. The security industry is also going through a rapid technological transformation. These challenges mean that we need to better train and prepare our people. Thus, cyber security is a topic that is high on our agenda.

Serving both individuals and corporations

Our courses are primarily designed with individual learners in mind. That said, we also treat corporate clients in an individual manner, bearing in mind that each of them may have different needs, strategic goals and working environments. We endeavour to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and present them with a holistic training solution.