Course Schedule

  • Certificate in Security Management

Guarding Operation (Online) Course 

  • A class per month from June 2023 onwards.
  • Based on HKQF Level 2 UoCs of Guarding Services. 
  • This is pre-requisite of all HKIOS higher-level courses under Guarding Services.
  • Participants will receive rebate of the fees of this online course at the first time that they enrol for a higher-level Guarding Services course.
Train-the-Trainer for Guarding Services Course

Awards and Recognition

A "Certificate of Completion" will be issued to each participant who successfully completed a course.

Participants who successfully complete courses as shown in the diagram below will be issued with a "Certificate/Diploma in Security Management" as appropriate.
HKIOS is the training partner of IPSA HK. Under this partnership, IPSA HK members who successfully complete HKIOS's courses will be considered as meeting the "qualification" criterion for advancement in their Membership Structure.