Dr. KWONG Tsz-man

Senior Advisor, HKU SPACE

Dr. KWONG has 25 years of experience in training and education programmes in real estate and security-related areas.

He achieved a Diploma in Sociology from the Shue Yan College in 1984, followed by a Master of Arts in 1988 and a Ph.D. in 1992, both from the University of Georgia.

Dr. KWONG has served in various academic positions in Hong Kong, initially as a lecturer in universities and institutions since 1992. He was made Associate Head of the College of Humanities and Law at HKU SPACE in 2008 and the Head of the College in 2015. He was made a Senior Advisor at HKU SPACE in 2022, a position which he holds today.

Dr. KWONG is appointed honourable member of the following professional bodies:
  • Honourable Member, Institute of Shopping Centre Management
  • Honorary Fellow Member, Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators
  • Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Housing
  • Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Association of Trainers in Security Services

He is also active in professional and community services:
  • From 2016
    Jury Panel, Quality Property & Facility Management Award, HKAPMC & HKIS
  • From 2013
    Panel Judge, Excellence in Facility Management Award, Hong Kong, Institute of Facility Management
  • 2013-2019
    Member, Notaries Public Disciplinary Tribunal Panel, Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap. 159), Chief Justice, HKSAR
  • 2012-2018
    Member, Appeal Tribunal Panel, Building Ordinance (Cap. 123), Planning and Lands Branch Development Bureau, HKSAR
  • 2012
    Member, Sub-committee on Property Management Practitioners of the Advisory Committee on the Regulation of the Property Management Industry, Home Affairs Department, HKSAR
  • From 2011
    Member of different Validation Panels (Property Management)/Projects, HKCAAVQ
  • 2008-2014 & current
    Member, Security Services Training Board, Vocational Training Council, HKSAR
  • 2007-2013
    Member, Real Estate Services Training Board, Vocational Training Council, HKSAR