Coming Courses

(4 modules to start in June, August, October and December respectively)

(To commence in November)

(A course each month from June onwards)

Certificate in Security Management

  • A program of 4 modules based on HKQF Level 4 UoCs.
  • Suitable for aspiring Guarding Managers / Security Operations Managers.
  • Enrolment may be on a single module or the full programme. If for the full programme at the same time, there will be a 20% discount.

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Train-the-Trainer for Guarding Services Course 

  • Based on HKQF UoC 107749L4.
  • Suitable for in-service security personnel aspiring to become professional Security Trainers.

Guarding Operations (Online) Course

  • Based on HKQF Level 2 UoCs for Guarding Services
  • Suitable for those who wish to update their knowledge and skills in guarding operations.
  • Pre-requisite of all HKIOS higher-level courses under Guarding Services
  • Fees will be rebated to participants at the first time that they enrol for a higher-level Guarding Services course.